Emojis are ideograms and smileys used in electronic messages and web pages. They seems like emoticons, but emoji are actual pictures instead of typographics. The word comes from Japanese  Emojis were born with the idea of spreading your feelings in a short way. It changed the communications. Emojis are illustrated characters that express an emotion, that’s why you only need to choose one instead to write lines of text. 

The first one was created in Japan in 1997 and the revolution began. Everyone wanted to share unique and original emojis: food, sports, brands and even personalized emojis with celebrity faces!

As animal lovers, we started in 2016 to build pet emojis apps with our Border Collies “ulah” and “kala”, but we didn’t want to stop there. Everyone should have the same feeling sharing an emotion with his beloved furry friend.

It’s an expensive and long way to develop an emoji app, but we got a solution for the ones who can’t access to the app development. So we do just the first development step: the emoji art. Curated handmade individual illustrations made it as emojis. No software development, just pet emojis ready to share everywhere.

Steps to use the emoji art in any messaging app:

1. Order your emoji here 😉

2. Receive the emoji on your mail and save it in your phone gallery 

3. Open any message app like whatsapp, fb messenger or telegram. 

4. In any convo tap the “photo”/”camera” icon 4 Choose upload from gallery and tap your pet emoji.