Create shareable emojis of your pet. No matter what your budget is.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can i use the emoji art on the phone?

Yes, you can. Emojis are images that express a particular emotion, so you can save them in your phone gallery and send / post on social media -like facebook comments- as any other image.

Why the emojis are so big?

For two reasons. First and more important, the art quality. If you turn your pet into the emoji default size, you can not recognize him, moreover if you add some details like a bandana with his name. See it on this sample:

This will be as default emoji next to text dog emoji

This is the full image you can share. dog emoji

The other one is due to UNICODE. It’s universal character encoding standard that assigns a code to every character and symbol in every language in the world. They are the only ones that make the text-emojis and that’s why you only see new emojis from time to time.

Do i need an Apple or Google account?

No need it. If you choose an app, you will be under the protection of DoggyMojis itunes and google account. We are experts with more than 5 years as an app company. We will provide you with all the marketing and development requirements like ASO, keywords, screenshots, user policy…

Is it possible to order a different emoji product?

Of course. If you are thinking in a different emoji pack or product for your pet, we’ll be more than happy to hear it and help you out.

Do you work with brands or pet influencers?

We are equally proud to make a full emoji app for a pet celebrity as an unique cute emoji for a birthday present. Some brands like Ralph and influencers like Crusoe the celebrity dachshund turned into emojis and got to the TOP PAID App charts. If you are a brand or an influencer and you want a special content, contact us, you are in the right place to make something epic.

Stickers are only available for iMessage?

Apple had opened the Messages framework in iOS 10 or later to let any developer create an app extension. This type of app let users interact directly within Messages, using for example, emoji stickers. Those emojis can be used without leaving the convo and you even can cover a bubble message with them.

Works in all message apps? Facebook or instagram?

All the emoji art and services works in the main message apps like imessage, whatsapp and in social media platforms like Facebook or instagram. The use will depend on the emoji service you choose. The emoji art will be just emoji illustrations on your phone gallery and you will send and post them like any other picture. It happens the same with the sticker option, but it will work on imessage without leaving the app.

If you choose the full emoji keyboard, you can use that keyboard in all platforms, send them through the app or save them to your phone gallery.


Can i make my app a paid app?

If you choose an app (sticker or the keyboard option), you will be free to set a payment for the app. In that case, the agreement will include an app maintenance of sharing revenue.

What are the payment options?

All the payments are upfront through PayPal. You don’t need a paypal account to pay.

What app features includes the Emoji Keyboard App?

This is gonna be your own emoji app. It will be available worldwide on the App Store and Google Play. It includes your pet emojis, links to your social media accounts and website, sharing feature from the app, a download feature to the phone gallery, tutorials and guides to use, contact mail, your logo and any text you want to add.



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